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2022 Trip Coordinator Application

*** Accepting Applications Until Nov. 30, 2020 ***

TSC Trip Coordinator Application 2022 

The Trip Coordinators for Texas Ski Weeks and Expedition trips shall perform duties as prescribed in the Standing Rules

Coordinate with the Vice President of Trips all aspects of the trip

Disseminate and collect from clubs all information pertinent and reasonably required with regard to the conducting of events at the appropriate Texas Ski Week or Expedition trip;

Coordinate all aspects of their respective trips with the Vice President for Trips, tour operator and ski area and be the Texas Ski Council's Representative for that trip;

Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors or Delegates.

Should a site inspection be approved by the TSC, a contract between the TSC and TSC Trip

Coordinator of a Texas Ski Week or Expedition trip will be required.  As a part of said contract, if a TSC Trip Coordinator for a Texas Ski Week or an Expedition trip has gone on a site inspection approved by the Texas Ski Council and the Trip Coordinator is unable to fulfill the responsibilities of their term, the Trip Coordinator will reimburse all expenses, regardless of having been incurred by the tour operator or the TSC, for the site inspection. Further the TSC Trip Coordinator will not be allowed to serve on the TSC Board for five years.  Special Circumstances, as approved by the TSC Board, may allow the waiver of any requirements under VII, F #5.

Plan to attend any TSC delegate meeting held in their home city and encouraged to attend other delegate meetings, particularly the TSC Annual Bid Meeting. 

On occasion Trip Coordinators may be requested by the VP for Trips to participate by phone in Board and/or Delegates meetings.